Scientific programme

The abstract-driven part of the programme is organised in “streams”, overall topics that delegates can follow throughout the programme. An overview of topics included in each streamer is found in the programme at glance, which can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

The Vittorio Ventafridda lecture in bern will be held by professor Irene Higginson, Head of Division and Director of Cicely Saunders Institute, King’s College London, UK.

Themed sessions:

  • Research methodology – how to’s
  • Nursing research in palliative care
  • Early palliative care: Where to go from here?
  • Caring for palliative care patients at home
  • Challenges in the design and application of economic evaluation in palliative care research
  • The need for national research programs
  • Swiss session

Abstract presentation categories:

All abstracts selections have been made by the scientific committee.

Plenary abstracts
5 outstanding abstracts were selected for presentation in the plenary sessions.

Free communication abstracts
114 abstracts with high scores were selected for oral presentations in parallel sessions. The free communication sessions have been organised as “streamers” (overall topics) that participants can follow throughout the programme.

Method discussion abstracts
12 abstracts with high scores were selected for method discussion sessions, which have a stronger focus on methodological challenges and study design.

Poster presentations
402 abstracts were selected for poster presentation in one poster set which is available for the duration of the congress.

Print only
Abstracts that were accepted, but did not achieve a high enough score for a poster presentation, will be published in an online special edition of Palliative Medicine by Sage.

Abstracts with an average score lower than 1.5, were rejected by the scientific committee.

Information for speakers:

All presentations must be submitted as Windows compatible PowerPoint files (*.ppt or *.pptx) on PC readable CDs, DVDs, external disk drives, USB sticks or memory sticks at the AV-Center at least 60 minutes prior to the start of the session. The AV-Center is located near the welcome desk in the Forum of the arena.

While preparing your presentation for a data-projection via PC we may kindly ask you to consider the following guidelines:

To avoid certain incompatibilities between Powerpoint for Mac and Powerpoint for Windows only images in JPG- or PNG-format should be used in the presentation.

Presentations should be set for a page size of 25,4 cm x 14,288 cm (screen presentation with an aspect ratio of 16:9) to avoid distortions.

If fonts are used in a presentation that are not – by default – available in Windows or Powerpoint the varying fonts must be included in the presentation or enclosed as separate files for installation.

Please note that Powerpoint does not integrate video files into a presentation until version 2010, the file extension is ‘pptx’. It is recommended to carry each video as a separate file.

It is not possible to use personal laptops for the presentations.

Information for poster presenters:

The posters will be organised in one set at the Forum of the Kursaal Bern, Switzerland (see floor plan for exact position). We kindly ask you to set up and remove your poster according to the following schedule:

Set up:                 Thursday 24 May 0800-1000

Removal:             Saturday 26 May 1230-1500

Please note that abstracts will only be available online, there will not be printed abstract books available during the congress.